Put a Video to Work for Your Brand

According to unbounce.com, technology is affecting us so much that we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (which puts us at less than 9 seconds!). This makes the need for engaging and effective communication more clear than ever before.

That’s where video comes in.

Video can grab attention and quickly pump up the power of your internal and external comms, whether you’re using it for education, inspiration, or for generating brand awareness at every stage of the sales funnel and beyond. And video can make good financial sense, with its deep effectiveness and trackable ROI.

(so, if we still have your attention…)

Who’s using video?

“Who’s not?” is the better question.

From social media to website testimonials to short and long form internal communications, more and more savvy B2B marketers are exploiting the influence of video.

As a matter of fact, marketers are no longer considering if they should invest in video, they are determining how much they will invest in video.

82% of businesses said that they’ll be spending more on video in 2017*, while it is projected that video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.**

The possibilities for video content are exploding. To help you understand them, we’ve highlighted a few popular styles that won’t break the bank, but are must-haves for you and your brand.


The ‘How To’ Video

It’s a show me world.  You have an intricate medical device to explain or a beautifully packaged product that needs to be ‘un-boxed’ and put together.  You are a thought leader and product expert who can walk your prospective client through a step-by-step instructional video. The ‘how-to’ video is the number one most watched video on YouTube and can be produced very inexpensively!


The ‘Testimonial’ Video

From their lips. What better way to engage new clients than hearing from current customers and clients who love you? Using real case studies and working closely with allied clients, the story that is being told is one that will resonate with anyone considering your services. Used on websites, social media channels, in email blasts and by sales teams and marketers, a testimonial video has legs.


The ‘Company Culture’ or ‘Recruitment’ Video

One of the best ways to fire up your team and invite new talent into your organization is by creating an up close and personal look at who you are, the culture you represent, and what makes you stand out in your competitive field. Filming at your location can create a beautiful showcase of your facility, the products you make, and the people who make them.


Social Media Videos

Video is no longer considered a trend on the Internet—it has become the Internet. Social media offers a way to target your messaging to your audience by creating simple but meaningful video unique to your social strategy. And if you don’t have a social strategy, it’s time to create one, because your brand needs to meet your customer where they are: on their phones and on social media.


The time is…now!

It’s important to understand the big picture when it comes to this moving medium. Not every style of video is going to be right for your brand, and it’s not enough to just shoot a smartphone video to have a presence. You have to be willing to give some thought to what type of video will work for you at every phase of your business strategy.
If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get going on video marketing to help your business save time and money while gaining unparalleled visibility for your brand and for your message.


*wyzowl marketing survey 12/2016
**Inc.com/Forbes 12/30/16

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