Look at Our Cool Sh!t

Once a quarter, we take time from our busy schedules to sit back, relax, and enjoy some Cool Sh!t. With services like Muzli, Cool Hunting, Fubiz, DesignMilk, etc., there’s never a lack of marketing, design, animation, film, and branding content to inspire us. Cool Sh!t is our way of curating the most interesting things we’ve seen over the past few months, looking at it together and discussing why we like it or hate it, or why it’s relevant to the work we do.

This week we enjoyed our 4th installment of Cool Sh!t, and it did not disappoint. A very common theme in the content shared was virtual reality and augmented reality. Google’s Tilt Brush wowed the group, and Theoriz’s 3D mapping projection game room felt like a mix between a real world video game and a nightmare. We also looked at a few different takes on how the e-commerce industry may leverage VR, and we couldn’t help but question if people would really want to do their grocery shopping in VR? I, for one, hope that I can buy my 365 Everday Value Pollinator Friendly Honey Roasted Almonds by just clicking a picture and adding it to my cart instead of having to don a pair of VR googles and walk through the virtual aisles of Whole Foods to find them.
We took a deep dive into best practices for web design by looking at an article about how to create the perfect slider. It really is fascinating how much thought and research can go into something as seemingly simple as a slider. We also had a discussion about whether or not content needs to live “above the fold”. We learned that today’s internet user is well trained to scroll, so we don’t need to jam all of our site content “above the fold”.
We ended the day with some fun by watching David Ma’s take on what food films would look like if there were created by famous directors. We laughed at the action-packed and explosion-filled waffles of Michael Bay, swooned over Wes Anderson’s perfectly imperfect s’mores, and some of us lost our lunch when the tomatoes gushed fountains of blood during Quentin Tarantino’s take on spaghetti and meatballs.
We left with smiles on our faces and plenty to talk about, looking forward to the next Cool Sh!t get-together in November. If you’re in our neck of the woods – drop us a line, and you can come hang out and be inspired as well!

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