What’s Next for Premiere Pro CC and What it Means for Creative Agencies


The relationship between creativity and technology is synergistic. Creativity demands more technical capabilities, and technology unlocks greater creative possibilities.

As an agency, we’re confident in the creativity of our people. But we have to rely on other companies to provide technology that is both collaborative and progressive. That’s why we use Adobe Creative Cloud to execute our creative.

This week at IBC 2017, Adobe dropped the curtain on the new features coming to the Creative Cloud video and audio applications.


What’s Next for Premiere Pro CC?

In this post we look at the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC, as it’s the primary hub of the Creative Cloud video pipeline. These new features build upon Adobe’s goal of providing video creators high-quality tools to meet the demands of accelerating content velocity.

However, it could be said that the next version of Premiere Pro CC is also reaching back to expand their target customer base.


Multiple Open Projects and Shared Projects

The next version of Premiere Pro CC takes aim at Hollywood production companies with new features like Multiple Open Projects and Shared projects (watch video below). These tools are designed for editors working off a shared storage network. Similar to Avid’s bin locking, Shared Projects in Premiere Pro CC will make project files writable or read-only so that editors can collaborate without fear of overwriting someone else’s work.

As an agency that uses a shared storage network, we see this as a big step forward for collaborating video editing. We can’t wait to integrate Shared Projects with our EditShare storage solution!


Immersive Effects and Transitions

The next version of Premiere Pro CC will include native Immersive Effects and Transitions for VR and 360 video. This addition makes Premiere Pro CC the leading NLE with a true end-to-end VR/360 video editing workflow.


New and Improved Graphic Workflows

We are also excited about the improvements coming to the Essential Graphics panel and Motion Graphics Templates. Both of these features were introduced back in April of this year, and they reimagined text and motion graphics workflow inside Premiere Pro CC. However, they were brand new, and were missing some basic functionality, like font previews and rolling credits. Adobe addresses both of these common customer requests in the next version of Premiere Pro CC.

We’re really excited for the Responsive Design tools introduced in the video above. Responsive is a familiar term in web design; Adobe is the first company to ask the question, “Why can’t motion graphics be responsive too?”

With Responsive Design Time, editors can define the intro and outro animation, and make it responsive to changes in the overall duration of the animation. In other words, complex title and motion graphics animations can be fluidly retimed to fit the project.

With Responsive Design Position, layers in a graphic clip or Motion Graphics Template can be pinned to the video frame or other layers so that their positioning is preserved when changes are made to the parent layers. It sounds complex; basically it means pinned text and graphics layers will keep their relative positioning to each other. For example, a Motion Graphics Template with a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio will automatically adjust to a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio.

Responsive Design is a huge win for creatives and their clients because it will dramatically accelerate repurposing motion graphics for social media.



Overall, we are very excited about the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC. New features like Responsive Design are a great example of how new technology will expand our creative capabilities, especially when repurposing video content. On the other hand, the functionality of Shared Projects is something that our creativity and collaboration demanded.

How do you see the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC changing your creative capabilities? What new features? are you most excited about?

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