NJ Ad Club Award


Arrow iPad Application

It was about time.

PVH is one of the largest global apparel companies, owning and operating iconic lifestyle brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Arrow, IZOD, Bass, and Van Heusen. But when PDFs and PowerPoints were no longer cutting it, they wanted a more streamlined way to get constant updates of critical information to their Arrow sales team. JK knew what they needed—the impact of the iPad.

It's all in the fingers.

We replaced and improved their distribution process with an iPad application that housed the existing sales collateral interactively. A custom, finger-swipe navigation system, CoverFlow screens, and instant video playback now make it easier for the sales team to engage and do their job effectively. The coolest element of the app? We created a Web-based CMS for users to manage content in real time no matter where they are.

Instant gratification.

PVH was impressed with the final product and even more impressed with the impact it had on the sales collateral distribution process. Now, PVH employees can update the Arrow iPad app daily through the Web-based CMS and distribute to the iPad-armed sales team immediately. PVH feels confident knowing that their sales team now has the information they need to do their job effectively. And in terms of the Arrow team’s productivity—bull’s-eye.

Content Management System

JK makes content management easy with our bespoke (aka: customized) user-friendly content management system (CMS). Each website we develop comes with a unique CMS that meets your specific needs for:

  • Updating and changing text and content
  • Changing images, Flash animations, and video and audio files
  • Posting press releases and news items
  • Maintaining your emailing list
  • Featuring new items
  • Adding new products to your catalog
  • Just about anything else you want to do with your website!

Our CMS tools are very easy to use—no special technical knowledge, programming experience, or software required! Virtually anyone you authorize with a username and password can update your website from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a modern Web browser and Internet connection.

For further technical reading:

iPad Development

An iPad app can be a powerful sales and marketing tool for your company. It can also be an interactive training experience, a compelling presentation method, and even a mobile sales checkout device.

JK can create a customized iPad app for your company that grabs attention and gets results—whether your goal is attracting new customers, increasing sales, or showing off an exciting new product in an exciting new way!

Unlike mobile websites optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices (which JK has also been developing for years), the software language we use to code our native iPad apps is tailored to the manufacturer’s requirements. We typically use either HTML5 and JavaScript for enhanced cross-functionality; Adobe Flash converted to an iOS app; or Objective-C, which is the native language for iPads, and the best language for animation and complex applications.

From animation to games to videos, and more, our team is always thinking up cool new ways our clients can use the iPad to achieve success.

Video Editing

There’s more to “movie magic” than just identifying the best shots and splicing them together. The video editing team at JK knows how to make sure the timing, transitions, and overall look, feel, and sound of the video reflect your brand, promote your message, and enhance sales. Their expertise can make the critical difference between a good video and one that gets great results.

Our video editing team uses advanced technology to:

  • Manipulate and edit raw video footage to meet your specific marketing objectives
  • Seamlessly integrate music and other audio elements with your visuals
  • Combine still images, animation, and live action video to create the best quality production

Video is a highly effective way to get your message across. Our editing team will help you tell the story you want your customers to hear and see.