Putting a proven brand in a new light

To thrive in the market, a brand can't stand still. Amerlux needed to update its image to reflect its 30-year evolution from small business to LED pioneer to global lighting leader–and then keep themselves in the spotlight. JK's Brand Reflection Process resulted in a powerful new brand, including a new logo, brand guidelines, and messaging platform.

From lumens to humans

At the heart of Amerlux’s new story was a new way of measuring light’s value — from the number of lumens to how light affects humans, highlighting the benefits the right light can provide, from making people feel safer to encouraging more positive interactions on the sales floor.

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website
  • Print
  • Social
  • Tradeshow graphics

Displaying brilliant insight

The "Power of Light" campaign started on social media, with posts hinting at how Amerlux would "change the way you see light."

It continued right into LIGHTFAIR 2015, the world's largest annual industry tradeshow. A branded truck made the rounds, distributing thought leadership articles. A sleek, spacious exhibit space showcased the company's latest products in displays that replicated real-world lighting environments.

Amerlux marketing booth
Amerlux Lighting truck

Dazzling results

LIGHTFAIR International 2015 made tradeshow history, with 599 exhibitors from 89 countries and 29,900 attendees. Many of those visitors were drawn to the Amerlux booth, resulting in 350 new leads collected seamlessly through the QR codes printed on their badges.