Helping Philips Lighting shine

Philips Lighting is one of the biggest consumer lighting brands on the planet, but it wasn’t connecting with consumers in the very competitive lighting aisle at Home Depot. They turned to JK Design to help break through to this critical sales channel.

Philips SlimStyle

Use the brilliance of the brand

We realized pretty quickly that Philips’ best assets — their household name and the scale of their brand — weren’t shining through at the point of sale. We also saw the need for new sales tools designed to convince Home Depot that Philips Lighting products deserved more visibility.

What we did:

  • Merchandising
  • Digital
  • Display
  • Sales Collateral
  • Trade

Make them see the light

It started with creating a fresh, consistent look across all of their lighting product lines. We made the brand easy to spot with fresh packaging that conveyed their clean and bright brand image.

We also created fresh pitch materials to sell Home Depot on giving Philips Lighting more presence in the aisle, whether it was inclusion in sales displays or end cap space.

When merchandising opportunities arose, we created attention-getting displays that communicated the value of the Philips brand at the speed of light.

Brightening up the web

For Home Depot’s website, we provided enhanced content to show Philips in the best light possible, from attractive imagery, to compelling copy, to top-notch video content, all working together to explain to consumers how Philips Lighting can help make their lives a little brighter.

Philips SlimStyle

Own the aisle

After three years of steady progress, Philips Lighting now has a starring role in the Home Depot lighting aisle, having gone from a brand that was visually inconsistent and scattered across the shelves, to one that has a bright and attractive brand-exclusive lighting display in the first bay of the aisle.

Along the way, we helped Philips raise their profile with other important retailers, like Wegmans, Best Buy, Amazon and Staples.