Time to chart a new course

SeaLand was a time-honored brand with a rich history, a stellar reputation–and an identity crisis. Founded in 1956, SeaLand single-handedly pioneered the container shipping industry, but after an acquisition by Maersk Line in 1999, the SeaLand brand began to lose the distinctive character that had made it a success on its home turf.

Finding the treasure in a cherished brand

JK saw an opportunity to capitalize on SeaLand’s name recognition and reputation for innovation, reliability, and personalized service, especially amongst small to midsize shippers. Through our Brand Reflection Process, we helped SeaLand showcase the excitement and passion that drives it.

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Print
  • Internal Communications

A passion for the personal touch

The key to bringing it all together? Making it personal. The new SeaLand tagline says it all, in the languages of its customers across the Americas: "¡Vamos juntos!” — We go together!

New brand guidelines highlighted the human connections and dynamic energy behind every shipment, with bold, bright colors, vivid photography, and messaging with a lively, enthusiastic tone.

A new website provided exceptional user experience and directly communicated SeaLand's value. It also offered more opportunities to conduct transactions online, giving their staff more time to work one-on-one with customers.

Bringing Personal Connection to the Americas: preview of SeaLand print material

Full steam ahead!

SeaLand is going forward confidently, driven by a strong brand platform that defines their culture and captures their essence. A recent survey shows the new positioning really resonates from the inside out, with more than 73% of staff agreeing that "I have a clear understanding of what makes SeaLand different from our competitors," and 94% confident that "I understand my role in carrying out the SeaLand brand."

Launch Site

"We put our faith in our partnership with JK, and I am 110% satisfied with what they delivered."

Timothy Simpson

VP Operations, SeaLand