Branches weren't taking root

Valley National Bank had a serious issue: nine of its branches were underperforming in New York City’s most populous borough. Valley needed help in building awareness, attracting new customers and creating long-term relationships.

Sowing the seeds of success

Brooklyn is a melting pot, and JK knew it’d take more than intuition to find the best audience for Valley – it would take research. After thorough quantitative and qualitative studies, we found the demographic group that Valley needed to court – growing families.

What we did:

  • Advertising
  • Television
  • Digital
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Merchandising

A bundle of joy

Further research revealed that when it came to banking, families in Brooklyn wanted simplicity and savings, especially in the form of bundled offerings. We worked with Valley to combine their most popular services – checking, savings, insurance, mortgages, fraud protections, and more, to create value-added bundled banking products that would draw families in—and keep them there.

Your life your valley

The “Your Life, Your Valley” campaign was created to resonate with families. The message was simple — Valley National Bank understands that every family wants banking to be made easy, but each has unique needs, and Valley has a solution to suit every one of them.

Standing out from the banking crowd

We spread the word in a big (but targeted) way. TV spots, digital billboards and local print pieces caught the attention of family decision-makers over and over as they made their way through their days.

V is for Victory

Valley was suddenly connected to a new audience who started opening new checking accounts, the lifeblood of a banking relationship. The nine outlets took root, lasting relationships blossomed, and Valley National Bank is now a vibrant part of the Brooklyn neighborhoods they serve.