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4 great reasons to rebrand: Reason #2

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Chris Milan
Chris Milan
Director of Branding and Messaging

Refreshing or rebooting your company’s brand is a major investment of time and resources—so it’s important to know when it’s the right time to make the effort. In this series we’ll explore some of the best reasons to rebrand, and the questions you should be prepared to explore.

Reason to rebrand #2: You need to reboot your image. 

Sometimes, it’s just time to move on.

That might mean moving past the negative publicity of a bad decision or strategic misstep. Or it might require shifting customer perceptions of your brand after you’ve changed or expanded your offerings.

A rebrand can help you hit the reset button and move your business ahead. But how do you know if your brand needs a light refresh—or a complete overhaul? Consider these options for rebooting your image.

Craft a bold new story.

New messaging with a fresh point of view can capture your audiences’ attention in a positive way—and bring you a step closer to changing the conversation in your favor.

Give your brand a visual twist.

Changing up your look signals that you’ve made other changes, too—and it encourages your customers and prospects to see you in a new way. Try refreshing your color palette, using textures in new ways, or even revising your fonts.

Make a whole new name for yourself.

To leave negative brand equity in the past, you may need to leave your name there, too. Renaming your business is a radical step—but it can be the best way to make a fresh start.

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