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4 great reasons to rebrand: Reason #1

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Chris Milan
Chris Milan
Director of Branding and Messaging

Refreshing or rebooting your company’s brand is a major investment of time and resources—so it’s important to know when it’s the right time to make the effort. In this series we’ll explore some of the best reasons to rebrand, and the questions you should be prepared to explore.

Reason to rebrand #1: You’ve outgrown your current brand.

Growth is good—but it can mean that your brand no longer reflects who you are and the authentic value you offer to your customers, partners, and even your employees.

It can also be a great opportunity to rework your brand story to be more attractive and engaging to the people who matter most to your business.

So if your company is facing any of these scenarios (or is planning to), it just might be time to take the leap:

  • You’ve been through a merger or acquired another brand.
  • You’ve grown in size or expanded your capabilities.
  • You’ve significantly changed your focus, offerings, or target audiences.

Still not sure it’s the right time for a rebrand? Ask yourself:

Does our brand accurately convey the value we deliver?

Does your name, tagline, and visual identity quickly communicate why people should consider doing business with your organization? If it doesn’t, consider taking a fresh look at all of them—through your target audiences’ eyes.

Is our value proposition clear, concise, and meaningful to our key audiences?

Is your elevator pitch authentic, relevant to your customers, concise, and easy to understand? If your messaging isn’t direct and compelling, you may need to find a whole new way to tell your story.

Does our brand look and sound like we belong in our competitive landscape?

When you look at your competition, does your brand identity stack up—and stand out (in a good way)? If your company’s image is dated or less sophisticated than other businesses in your space, it’s probably time to overhaul it.

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