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Does your brand need a boost?

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Chris Milan
Chris Milan
Director of Branding and Messaging

4 good reasons to rebrand. 

Do you have the feeling your brand needs to change?

Maybe that means a total overhaul to match the evolution of your marketplace. Or a few new ideas to attract a new audience… or reconnect with your current customers. 

How do you decide?

This list is a great place to start. If any of these reasons to rebrand apply to your business, it just might be time to take the leap.

  1. You’ve outgrown your current brand.
    If you’ve been through a merger or grown in new ways, your current brand may no longer reflect your business—or communicate your value—in an authentic and engaging way.

    Start by taking a fresh look at your brand… and better yet, see it through your target audience’s eyes. Do your name, tagline, and visual identity quickly communicate why they should do business with you? Is your value prop clear and concise? Do you stand out from the competition?

    If your answers are mostly “no” (or even “sort of”), rebranding may be a worthwhile investment with impressive ROI.

  2. You need to reboot your image.
    There are times when a business wants (or needs) its customers to see it in a new light.

    If you need to shift some negative perceptions, a rebrand can be the perfect reset. Consider a bold new story, an attention-getting new look, or even a whole new name.

    But remember: A rebrand will help you make a fresh start—but it won’t solve any business problems that prompted you to change in the first place. Make sure you address those before you launch your new identity.

  3. You’re reaching for new opportunities.
    Do you have plans to enter new markets or attract new types of customers—but your current brand just won’t get you there?

    Then it’s time to analyze your brand, decide what’s working and what isn’t, and think about what parts of your identity need to be refreshed or updated—and what new elements you may need to add.

    This type of rebrand is usually an evolution rather than a revolution, so explore ways you can build a strong bridge to the future without completely shedding your past.

  4. Your market is being disrupted.
    If a startup is shaking up your space or a competitor has started to overshadow you, you need more than a new strategy—you need a new brand story, too.

    So examine how customers see you and your competitors. Understand the changes happening in your category. And identify the key differentiators that will help your brand stand out, so you can highlight them convincingly in your new brand messaging.

    And because disruption is occurring everywhere, look at similar situations in other verticals to see how those companies responded. It’s a great way to gain fresh perspective—and a competitive edge.

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