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Emotional storytelling in a functional landscape.

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Katie DeGennaro
Katie DeGennaro
Associate Creative Director, Copy

Making powerful connections to B2B audiences.

At JK, we talk a lot about bringing emotional storytelling into the B2B space. But what does that actually look like out in the real world?

One of our favorite success stories comes from Clarity Benefit Solutions, a regional player in the healthcare benefit solutions space.

Clarity was preparing to launch their Ready For Life HSA—a brand-new, totally unique health savings product featuring an interest-free instant payroll advance for employees. It covers the gap between what’s in an employee’s health savings account and any unexpected healthcare costs that might come up. The launch was the perfect opportunity for Clarity to stand out in a stodgy space.

How did Clarity craft a heartfelt story around a practical product?

They did their research.
The people at Clarity had identified a need and created a solution unlike any other to solve it. They then worked with JK to identify the audiences they needed to convince and what drives their decisions.

They looked beyond the “what” to the “why.”
Clarity addressed not only the functional drivers, but the emotional ones. That allowed us to work together to create messaging tailored to connect with each of their three audiences (brokers, employers, and employees) on a deeper level.

They checked out the competition.
We also took the time to do a competitive analysis, which told us what everyone else was saying—and how Clarity could stand out from the crowd.

They laid a solid foundation.
Together, we narrowed down three value themes at the heart of Ready For Life. Then, we tailored key messages to each of their audiences and backed them up with tangible proof points, creating a clear blueprint for their story.

They lived up to the story.
Clarity delivered on their reasons to believe by providing a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind product that offers a unique value for brokers, employers, and employees alike.

Did it work?

When Clarity created this product, they were hoping to get 100 brokers to sign on to sell it over the following two to three months. Instead, they exceeded expectations and hit their goal within just three weeks.

Ready to craft your own powerful story? Get the ball rolling by talking to the experts at JK. And check out our work for more examples of emotional storytelling in action. 

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