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Greatest Hits: Super Bowl Edition.

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Katie DeGennaro
Katie DeGennaro
Associate Creative Director, Copy

For people who work at a creative agency, the Super Bowl is as much about the commercials as it is the football. So we asked JKers to share their all-time favorite Super Bowl ads with us, and it came down to a handful of standout categories. Keep reading to see which brands got the most votes—and a throwback of some of our most popular choices,

superbowl ad survery chart

Top car commercial: Volkswagen’s “The Force”

It plays on nostalgia, represents the cross generational love for play, Star Wars, and Volkswagen, and honestly is just heartwarming to watch.

Top clothing commercial: Reebok’s “Terry Tate Office Linebacker”

It was hilarious—and the follow up commercials were also fantastic.

Top food & beverage commercial: Snickers featuring Betty White

Betty White is a legend and broke a lot of barriers for women in the entertainment industry. 

Food and beverage honorable mentions:

  • Bud Light’s “Lost Dog,” “Dilly Dilly!,” and the Bud Bowl
  • Doritos “Time Traveling Box”
  • Coca Cola’s “Mean Joe Green”
  • Pepsi featuring One Direction and Drew Brees

Top home commercial: Rocket Mortgage Certain is Better

It’s simple, it’s fun, and it states Rocket Mortgage’s value proposition so clearly.

Home honorable mentions:

  • Geico’s “Scoop There it Is”

Top personal hygiene commercial: Old Spice

This was a pivotal moment for the Old Spice brand! They gained entry with a fresh, new audience.

Top pet commercial: EDS’ “Cat Herders”

It stands out as clever and unexpected and it was also for an unexpected company, which made it that much more special.

Top tech commercial: Apple’s “1984”

The very first Macintosh ad. It’s unique and iconic. A classic!

Tech honorable mentions:

  • Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice”
  • Garmin Ultraman

If you liked seeing our favorite picks from past Super Bowls, join us Monday, February 14th for a Super Bowl LVI showdown between our Director of Creative Strategy, Jim Galligan, and Associate Creative Director, Christopher Holewski. They’ll be debating the best (and worst!) ads of 2022, and you can vote for your favorites as well. Register here.

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