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Hispanic heritage through the creator lens.

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Alex Medina
Alex Medina
Creative Director

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we wanted to end on a note of celebration and gratitude for the beauty and color the Latino community has brought to American culture. 

When JK asked me to share some of my favorite work from Hispanic creators, I had a hard time choosing. But ultimately I narrowed it down to two really well-done creative pieces that showcase how cultures can blend to create something long-lasting and engaging that resonates with all kinds of people. Keep reading to learn more—and to get a sneak peek of some of my own artwork.

De Nada, America – The Community & TikTok

De Nada, America is a social campaign created by an agency called The Community, who partnered with TikTok in 2021 to bring it to life. The campaign celebrated the contributions Latinos have made to American culture through weekly live streams that showcased the stories of Latinx content creators, community murals in cities across the country, and a number of other activations. 

I love how the name, which translates to, “You’re Welcome, America,” honors all the ways we’ve made contributions to the American cultural fabric. As an artist, I really enjoyed seeing the murals come to life and how the artwork highlighted all the diverse perspectives and styles within our community. The campaign hashtag, #latinxcreated, continues to be used today.

“Habla” Documentary Series  – HBO

HBO’s “Habla” documentary series is a great example of celebrating Hispanic heritage while also understanding the importance of the stories that embody those cultural experiences. 

Each episode is told by real people and focuses on a different topic—addressing the challenges we face as a community, honoring our cultural differences, and sharing perspectives on what it’s like to be a Latino in the U.S. 

I love that these stories are told firsthand. They’re presented simply (just a talking head against a stark white background) and are unapologetically truthful. I also love how long this series has been running—over 20 years. With Habla, HBO really broke new ground, creating content that was decades ahead of the larger population. 

You can learn more about the series and its creator, Alberto Ferreras, here.

Sharing some of my own artwork.

Like most Cubans, I have a very strong yearning for Cuba to one day be liberated and free from the Communist regime that has brought so much struggle to the island. I drew this around the time of Fidel Castro’s death. It was the end of an era and a long-awaited moment of hope for Cubans around the world.

Cuba Libre


This phrase means “We are the future,” in Spanish. I drew it years ago after attending a conference on Hispanic Marketing. During one of the presentations, they were showing stats around how quickly the Hispanic population was growing within the US and how that growth has helped redefine American culture, increase the power of the Hispanic consumer market, and more.




This one is a painting I did for a group art show many years ago. The show had a focus on the Hispanic-American experience. At the time, I had been reading a lot about Cuban immigrants, who often fled Cuba by any means necessary in the 80s…including boats made out of old cars and whatever materials could be found. I was astounded by the ingenuity and the courage it must take to take on a voyage that far for freedom.

90 miles to freedom


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