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May the Fourth be with You.

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Katie DeGennaro
Katie DeGennaro
Associate Creative Director, Copy

At JK, storytelling is something we get really excited about. So it makes sense that so many JKers share a passion for a story that spans genres and generations. A story with instantly identifiable characters and quoteworthy dialogue that even non-fans recognize. Yes—we’re talking about Star Wars.

We know that a good story can make a lasting emotional connection that stays with you and inspires you far into the future. So in celebration of Star Wars Day 2022, we’ve asked our enthusiastic JKers to share how this Galaxy Far Far Away has left an impression on them. Keep reading to find out our favorite episodes and most remembered quotes—and to see how the films have inspired some of our creativity!

Our favorite episodes:

Star Wars Day Pie Chart

Our favorite quotes:

Star Wars Day 1
Star Wars Day 2
Star Wars Day 3

Who’s side we’re on:

Star Wars Day 4

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