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The benefits of branded podcasts.

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Katie DeGennaro
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The benefits of branded podcasts.

Word of mouth: creating buzz through branded podcasts.

Over the last few years, podcasts have become wildly popular. And why not? You can lien to them pretty much anytime, anywhere—and you can find one on virtually any subject.

So it’s no surprise that companies have been incorporating podcasts into their content marketing strategy. Branded podcasts are a great way to raise brand awareness, establish your voice, showcase thought leadership, and even fuel other marketing content.

A recent BBC study1 shows that branded podcasts lift:

Awareness by
Brand favorability by
Brand consideration by
Purchase intent by

When people are listening to podcasts, they are doing so in moments that are not traditionally opportunities for advertising.Because of the unique way podcasts are consumed–usually whilst multitasking–brands are now able to reach people in what were previously thought to be unreachable moments.

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Let’s take a look at three brands who got branded podcasts right.


The Distance4

While a lot of podcasts look at the latest tech, thriving startups, or new ways of working, Basecamp went in a different direction. Their podcast, The Distance, profiles small businesses that have been running for 25 years or more to unlock the secret of longevity in business. The podcastis an offshoot of their magazine (remember what we said about fueling more content?) and the episodes are short and sweet. The subject matter is diverse, with businesses ranging from floral shops to tiki bars, making it appealingto a wide range of people.


Variety Pack2

Slack Variety Pack ran from spring 2015 to spring 2016, with 20 to 40 minute episodes masterfully geared toward their target audience: young, tech savvy individuals who were looking for something lighthearted. The episodes covered “work, life, and everything in between,” making it an easy and relatable listen that reinforced their curious and quirky brand voice.

Zip Recruiter

Rise and Grind3

Hosted by Daymond John (Shark Tank investor and founder of FUBU),Rise and Grind showcases different entrepreneurstalking about their personal approach to business success. In between each episodeis a “Motivational Minute” mini episode featuring just Daymond John. But what’s truly unique from a branding perspectiveis that each episode has a brief break in the middle where Daymond John interviews an executive from ZipRecruiter.

There are also plenty of simpler, less time consuming ways to incorporate branded podcasts into your content marketing strategy. You can3:

  • Sponsor or be a guest on an episode of an existing, relevant podcast.
  • Showcase your products or services through product placement.
  • Advertise during the episode’s pre-roll, mid-roll, or outroll ad breaks.
  • Place a display ad on the podcast’s homepage.

These are all great—and accessible—ways to reach new audiences, start new conversations, and raise brand awareness.

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