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The brand landscape has changed—and so have expectations for today’s CMOs.

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Martha Marchesi
Martha Marchesi

The past two years have changed the landscape for both B2B and B2C brands in many ways—and CMOs are feeling some of the biggest impacts.

We’re seeing it with our own clients: expectations have been shifting for their customers, businesses, and even their employees. And the responsibility for meeting them is increasingly falling on CMOs, as they’re being challenged to wear new hats and cultivate new partnerships to support the new demands being made on them. 

So I found this article from Forbes particularly timely. It highlights the results of a recent Forrester pulse survey asking US B2C marketing executives about their most critical priorities for the rest of 2022. 

The biggest takeaway? Recruiting challenges have put employer brand strategy at the top of many CEOs’ agendas—and though that has traditionally been HR’s domain, Marketing is now being called on to bring their brand strategy expertise to the effort. 

That means CMOs and HR leaders need to collaborate in new ways that make the connections among employee experience, brand experience, and customer experience. That can be a tough shift to make, but it can also yield major benefits for all parts of the business.

Read the article to learn more about today’s top CMO priorities and what they mean for everything from marketing budgets to sustainability pledges. 

And if you’re thinking about building a new employer brand, updating your EVP, or telling a more powerful talent story, we’re expert storytellers who are here to help.

Martha Marchesi, CEO

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