Ideas and insights > The truth is: emotional storytelling in B2B marketing works. Here are 3 clear advantages.

The truth is: emotional storytelling in B2B marketing works. Here are 3 clear advantages.

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Jim Galligan
Jim Galligan
Director of Creative Strategy

The traditional B2B marketing landscape looks a lot like a desert: dry, dull, and devoid of emotion—but that’s changing. More and more B2B marketers are focused on injecting their messaging with emotion, because just like in B2C, feelings matter. A 2023 Forbes article, featuring insights from Melissa Furze, Global Director of Customer Science at LinkedIn, explains: 

Emotional storytelling in B2B marketing is your ticket to making an impact. Let’s dive into how leading with emotion can benefit your brand:

1. You deepen the brand-buyer bond.

Whether your target is a retail shopper or business buyer—they’re still human with functional and emotional needs. When you look at things through their lens, your story will resonate on a deeper level.

2. Powerful connections lead to conversions.

50% of buyers are more likely to buy if they experience an emotional connection with your brand. And, according to a recent Salesforce report on the state of customer expectations and behavior:

3. You stand out in a crowded market.

For the most part, B2B brands are telling the same story. You can use emotion to differentiate your voice. This will set you apart from your competitors and help you grab a larger slice of the market. 

And now: an emotional storytelling success story.

Emotional storytelling can take many forms—from heartfelt to humorous—depending on your industry. If you’re in the healthcare space, leading with the heart can be an effective way to tell your story. Take Clarity Benefit Solutions, for example. JK Design helped launch their Ready For Life HSA, a brand-new totally unique product, featuring an interest-free instant payroll advance for employees. 

Our team identified the emotional drivers for each of their three audiences (brokers, employers, and employees) to craft messaging that connects on a deeper level. The result? One hundred brokers signed on, in three weeks’ time—exceeding their expectation of three months

As you can see, emotional storytelling works, especially when you have the right partner to help you tell it. With 37+ years of experience in building brand trust with emotional storytelling in B2B marketing, JK Design is that partner. Feel like connecting? Let’s chat.

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