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What does Mental Health Month mean to JK?

Taking time to reflect at work

May is Mental Health Month, a time to shine a spotlight on the importance of mental health and wellness in our lives and to be open and supportive to those who are looking for more help. 

Mental health support has come a long way since the very first Mental Health Month in 1949, with benefits like telehealth therapy, mental health days, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) now as prevalent as PTO. 

But mental health can mean many different things to different people. So we asked JKers to share what Mental Health Month means to them—and what they do to take care of their own mental well-being.

What do you do to support positive mental health?

  • “Yoga, meditation, and physical fitness like running that produce endorphins.”
  • “I try to find little things that make me happy. Whether it be working out, cooking, spending time with family, it’s a good way to relieve stress!” 
  • “For myself: I try to take time each day to de-stress through exercise. For others I know are struggling: I try to reach out regularly and let them know I’m here for them, in whatever way helps.” 
  • “Be conscious of my emotional and mental state and its effect on those around me, and take time to self-reflect.” 
  • “I do yoga, try to meditate, and also garden constantly. I try not to let the social pressure of keeping up with social media or the news dictate my habits. Sometimes it helps to just let that empty mind space be blissfully empty.”
  • “I try to meditate a few times a week and I make time to spend by myself doing something I enjoy.”

What does Mental Health Month mean to you?

  • “Reminds me to continue to prioritize my mental health and talk about managing mental health in a positive light, letting people know going to therapy is not a weakness.”
  • “I think it’s critical to create awareness around the importance of mental health and teach people ways to put themselves first.”
  • “Acknowledging that I’m not alone in my mental health struggles and reflecting on what we’ve all been through collectively is comforting, and I’m glad mental health is getting the attention it deserves.”
  • “It’s an opportunity to knock down walls and speak candidly about mental health. Reducing the taboo and normalizing mental health conversations is so important.”
  • “Mental Health Month means reflecting on how significant our mental health is to our overall well-being and promoting behaviors and ideas that can boost it.”
  • “Prioritizing relationships, a healthy work-life balance, and pursuing passions and interests to ensure I have outlets.”

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