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Beyond EVP: How to tell your most compelling talent story.

A good employee value proposition (EVP) is a powerful tool—but it’s just the beginning of your employer brand journey.

This on-demand webinar shares proven step-by-step techniques for translating your EVP into an authentic and engaging employer brand that helps make more meaningful connections with talent.

In just one hour, you’ll see proven techniques for:

  • Building insights to ensure your EVP is as strong and relevant as possible
  • Translating your EVP into an authentic, engaging employer brand
  • Creating a compelling employer brand story that makes meaningful connections with your people and your prospects—and helps you attract and retain the right talent.

If you’re thinking about updating your EVP or building a new employer brand, we promise this will be time well spent!

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Martha MarchesiCEO
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Jim GalliganDirector of Creative Strategy
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