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Mind the Gap

Using data and insights to build your employer brand and measure its effectiveness.

Measuring the impact of an employer brand can be difficult, because there’s a significant gap between the finished brand and how it’s rolled out across your organization. This on-demand webinar will provide expert guidance on how to bridge this divide and build an insight-driven employer brand that’s implemented in an engaging, effective, and measurable way.

In one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use insight to build a thoughtful and engaging EVP and employer brand
  • Effectively integrate your new brand into the employee experience
  • Use data to measure impact and refine your approach
Our Thought Leaders
Katie Kaulius
Katie KauliusSenior Executive, New Business Development
Jim Galligan
Jim GalliganDirector of Creative Strategy
Chris Milan
Chris MilanDirector of Branding and Messaging
Sharon Weresow
Sharon WeresowDirector of Internal Communications
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