A bold new identity for a firm on the rise.


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How does a fast-growing CPA firm continue to build momentum? Build a new brand that instantly telegraphs their value to customers and employees.

BPM is one of America’s fastest-growing tax, accounting, and advisory firms, offering leading-edge services and driven by a real passion for helping others to be successful in work and in life.

While they had grown into one of the nation’s most progressive firms, their story and visual identity lagged behind. So we developed a new brand that made it easy for prospective clients and employees to quickly understand what sets them apart.


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A new mark that hits the spot.

The original BPM logo was a simple letter mark, which limited the firm’s ability to make a memorable impression and build brand equity.

So we developed one that tells the story of their three lines of services coming together to deliver unmatched levels of capability—seen as three waves converging to a central point—and their dedication to personalized service, reflected in the subtle suggestion of a fingerprint in the design.



Brand typography


Out with the old, in with the bold.

BPM’s messaging and visual identity had grown quite dated, so we took a clean-sheet approach to building their new brand.

We brought together people from across the company for an interactive branding workshop. Together, we created a new brand story that quickly communicates what sets them apart from their competitors.

We also modernized their visual identity with a bold new color palette, people-focused photography, and unique brand textures.

Our new design system perfectly projects BPM’s unique position as a firm that takes a forward-thinking approach to doing business while remaining a trusted, results-driven partner.

An employer brand built to connect.

Finally, we developed a powerful talent story rooted in BPM’s new corporate brand identity—but geared specifically to talent.

We created a unique manifesto, an employee value proposition, messaging themes tailored to specific talent audiences, and other employee-focused content.

We put it all together in a playbook that allows recruiters and HR to tell a consistent, compelling, and concise story of why people should choose to work and stay at BPM.

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Bringing the “firm of the future” out of the past.

BPM has a long-held vision of becoming the “firm of the future,” a partner who can be relied upon to bring the very latest ideas and innovation to their clients and help them to succeed in work and in life.

And while the firm had made great strides in achieving this vision, their brand had held them back in the past. JK was grateful for the opportunity to work closely with people from across the organization to truly understand who they are and craft a new story and visual identity that sets BPM up for success now … and into the future.

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