Marco’s Pizza CSR

Cooking up a CSR identity that engages and inspires.


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Satisfying Marco’s hunger for an irresistible CSR brand.

Marco’s Pizza had all the ingredients for an inspiring social good story but needed a big idea to bring it all together and a communications toolkit to ensure flawless execution—and that’s exactly what JK served up.

We worked hand-in-hand with key stakeholders to create a meaningful and engaging CSR identity for Marco’s, one that telegraphs their beliefs, aligns with their values, and dovetails seamlessly with their corporate brand. And we gave them a social good branding toolkit that allows anyone in the company to share their CSR story in a consistently compelling way across all audiences and touchpoints.


  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Naming
  • Logo development
  • Visual identity
  • Brand architecture
  • Art and graphic design
  • Toolkit development

A process that delivers, hot and fresh.

Our social good storytelling process started with an identity workshop, where we collaborated with the Marco’s team to identify the essential components of their CSR identity. We then used these building blocks to create “Rising Every Day,” a CSR brand that reflects the company’s beliefs, inspires their patrons to participate, and serves as a rallying cry and point of pride for their employees. It also helped their hundreds of franchisees easily understand the value of Marco’s CSR initiatives and engage with the company’s programs.

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Always rising.

Our partnership with Marco’s Pizza set them up for long-term success—delivering a powerful and genuine CSR brand, opportunities for increased awareness and participation, and a framework that allows for continuous growth and evolution.

We’re excited to continue helping Marco’s make a difference across the country and in the communities they serve. Together, we’ll keep nurturing the “Rising Every Day” brand and amplifying the positive change they bring about—one slice, one community, and one heartfelt act of goodness at a time.

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