Connecting with employees during a time of transformation.


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An employee engagement partnership built on understanding.

Sometimes the greatest relationships start with a single project. That’s been the case with our friends at Ricoh, who initially engaged JK for workplace branding, an assignment that has led to a new employer brand, a year-long employee engagement campaign, and a great working partnership built on JK taking the time to truly understand Ricoh’s needs, their people goals, and their deep-seated values.


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  • EVP development
  • Visual identity
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  • Workplace branding
  • Brand strategy support
  • Employee engagement
  • Copywriting
  • Art and graphic design

An employer brand built with purpose.

Ricoh has made a tremendous pivot as a business, shifting their focus from office printing solutions to enabling cutting-edge digital workplaces. Being successful in a time of such change requires keeping employees motivated and focused on what lies ahead while attracting the type of talent that will move their business forward.

Our employer brand platform “Powered By You” was designed to make each employee understand that they are a vital part of helping Ricoh make this important transition. It celebrates what each individual can do for themselves and for the company, putting them—and Ricoh—squarely at the center of what’s possible.

Social Card 1
Social Card 1
Social Card 2
Social screen capture 1
Social screen capture 2

An engagement campaign that prepares employees for the future.

Our relationship with Ricoh continues to blossom as we develop concepts and craft a strategy for a year-long employee engagement campaign to help keep their people motivated, informed, and fully supported as the company forges a bold path into the future.

Campaign 1
Campaign 2

Facility branding that motivates from coast to coast.

Ricoh wanted to help employees live their mission and vision every day, so we built a modular toolkit that put Ricoh’s values and appetite for innovation on the walls and in the halls of facilities across the country.

Reception area.
Reception area.
Reception area.

The reception area was the right place to make a bold first impression—from the striking diagonal desk design to vivid red walls with Ricoh’s signature “imagination balloon” corporate brand graphic.


Bringing a new brand together on one powerful platform.

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