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Using storytelling to captivate fans and capture new customers.


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How do you better connect with fans? Tell stories they care about.

WB wanted their global online storefront “WB The Shop” to stand out from the competition and give their fans an experience that would keep them coming back for more.

So they relied on JK’s storytelling skills to help them make deeper connections with the people who love their properties most.


  • Design system
  • Wireframes
  • Journey maps
  • Website design

Fanning the flames of fandom.

People are willing to spend more when they have a good customer experience. For WB, that meant focusing on the most dedicated admirers of their movies and shows. So we developed a design system that makes it easy for these fans to truly connect with the properties they love, which in turn creates new opportunities for The Shop to thrive.

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Visual storytelling that sells.

WB has a deep library of media for each of its properties, so our design system is built around visual storytelling—showcasing the epic scenes and special moments that fans remember most.

This approach draws fans deeper into the worlds they love and creates a strong narrative thread through the products they explore on The Shop. So each purchase becomes an affirmation of their fandom—drawing them deeper into the stories and places they love.

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A site that never sits still.

The design system JK developed not only makes WB’s properties look great—it also makes it simple for WB’s internal merchandising team to update The Shop with new properties and products. That means the site stays fresh, engaging, and appealing to repeat customers.

We also created detailed creative guidance that makes it easy for the WB team to tell better visual stories, incorporate narrative elements in their pages, and connect with fans in more meaningful ways.

A relationship designed to grow.

As we developed the global design system, we illustrated how it would look by designing a handful of examples that used the system to its maximum effect.

WB was so pleased with these designs that they used them for the site and asked us to create several more, extending the scope of the project and deepening our relationship with this legendary Hollywood studio.

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Creating a standout new story that creates new business possibilities.

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