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A more engaging website—and a smarter way of selling.

Sometimes connecting with B2B prospects takes more than just a sharp new website—it takes telling a whole new story.

That’s exactly what we did for our friends at Weichert Franchising, creating an entirely new voice, new value-driven messaging, and a refreshed brand look that captures Weichert’s approachable character while painting them in a compelling new light.


  • Research
  • Persona development
  • Creative strategy
  • Messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Custom iconography
  • UI/UX design
  • Copywriting
  • Website development

An intuitive new website and a new audience.

This updated identity was brought to life in a new website, one driven by a content strategy that provided just enough information for prospects to want to learn more and a design that celebrated the traditional hallmarks of the Weichert visual identity while making them feel more contemporary and relevant.

The site was built to deliver an intuitive user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, and crafted to appeal to the established real estate brokers of today while connecting with the brokers of tomorrow—a new audience JK discovered during our research—to build a sustainable pipeline of leads long into the future.

Weichert webpage - 1
Weichert webpage - 2
Weichert webpage - 3
Weichert mobile - 1
Weichert mobile - 2
Weichert mobile - 3

Illustrations that tell a story.

A clean and ownable illustration style developed for the site allows Weichert to tell visual stories in powerful new ways. These custom designs also helped to express abstract concepts like training and support in ways that photos simply cannot.

Iconography that adds meaning.

A distinct iconography style was created to connect with our target audiences in a way that only the Weichert brand can. We also developed a custom icon library to add a thoughtful layer of meaning to a diverse variety of subject—matter and flair to future content.

Faster connections on social media.

When the site was ready to launch, JK leveraged the new story and visual style across Weichert Franchising’s social media footprint, using the yellow highlight bar to create scannable content for these short-attention-span channels.

Social Media - 1
Social Media - 2
Social Media - 3

A new set of selling tools.

With the website and social media setting the tone, we then used Weichert’s new story and style to make their flagship print assets more effective and engaging—an important advantage during this very personal and hands-on portion of the sales cycle.

A story that’s still being written.

Our relationship with Weichert continues to grow, rooted in a deep understanding of their customers and their brand and a genuine enthusiasm for what sets them apart. It’s a story of collaboration, reimagination, and a focus on driving results that have helped make Weichert one of the fastest growing real estate brands in the nation.

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