Bringing a new brand together on one powerful platform.


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Fueling success with a fired-up story.

DuPont has a strong track record of helping fuel ethanol producers get maximum value from the grains they process. So their grain processing division had grown—but due to a variety of acquisitions, its brand had become diluted and its product portfolio was fractured.

To enhance their visibility and strengthen their voice in the market, they needed an ownable identity and a compelling story to tell.

JK saw an opportunity for them to break through the sea of sameness in their space by uniting their fuel ethanol products and services on a single platform, with strong and cohesive messaging that would resonate with their customers.

Because we know the best stories are built on insights, we began by surveying customers and employees to get real-world feedback on how they were perceived.


  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Naming
  • Customer & stakeholder research
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Trade show graphics
  • Product packaging
  • Digital & print ad campaigns
  • Video
  • Posters
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