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The power of always-on recruitment marketing: why you should embrace a continuous strategy.

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Sarah Freid
Sarah Freid
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

In today’s fast-paced job market, taking a reactive approach to recruitment can lead to rushed decisions and the hiring of less-than-ideal candidates.

But by embracing an always-on strategy, you can build a consistent pipeline of interested, top-tier talent—so you’re always prepared for unexpected hiring needs. 


Why maintaining a presence matters.

Every job seeker has their own unique timeline, so maintaining a constant and engaging presence is critically important. An always-on recruitment marketing strategy utilizes multiple channels and touchpoints to engage candidates at crucial points of their individual journey. Consistently and actively engaging with potential candidates ensures your organization is top of mind whenever they do become open and responsive to new career opportunities.

The importance of incorporating your employer brand.

A strong employer brand is central to the success of any recruitment marketing strategy. It helps grab the attention of top talent and keep it, leaving a lasting impression of your company as a reliable and attractive workplace. It also highlights your company culture, employee stories, and career opportunities—offering prospects a glimpse at your values and ways of working and allowing them to envision themselves as part of your team.

An effective way to enhance your reputation.

Consistently showcased, a strong employer brand can also transform your company into a desirable destination for career advancement—ultimately enhancing your reputation within the industry and beyond. In a job market where candidates often research and form opinions about companies long before applying for a job, having a positive reputation will set you apart from the competition and naturally draw the best talent to your organization. By proactively shaping candidate perceptions, you can ensure that your company is continually positioned as a top choice.

Why passive candidates are unmined treasure.

With so much competition for talent, it’s not enough to rely solely on active job seekers. Extending your reach to passive candidates allows you to tap into a hidden talent pool and build relationships with individuals who aren’t actively looking—but are open to exploring compelling offers. While engaging passive candidates requires a bit more legwork, they often possess valuable (and unexpected) skills and experience that can greatly benefit your organization. Always-on recruitment marketing allows you to proactively dip into a pool of talent that may not have otherwise been available to you.

The benefits of building a talent pipeline.

Always-on recruitment also means an always-on flow of potential candidates who are intentionally engaged with your company. This means that when unexpected hiring needs arise, you already have a talent pipeline at your disposal. Instead of scrambling to find qualified individuals, you can quickly identify and connect with them—ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process. This approach not only minimizes hiring delays, but also reduces the time and resources required to fill critical positions.


A real-world success story.

Take Priceline, for example. They needed to increase awareness in certain talent markets, and reposition their organization as a tech company (instead of a travel company). They also needed to build a steady pipeline of interested candidates to combat an unpredictable hiring cadence. So they utilized a highly targeted always-on approach that leveraged multiple touchpoints to connect their hiring managers with active job seekers as well as passive candidates who might never have considered Priceline otherwise. 


By consistently engaging potential candidates through a variety of channels, nurturing relationships with passive talent, and showcasing a compelling employer brand, companies can establish themselves as preferred employers. This approach not only aligns with the dynamic nature of modern job seeking but also positions your organization to respond swiftly and effectively to changing staffing needs.

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